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If you prefer to utilize advanced lending strategies to maximize your profit you can upgrade to a premium account. Org simplifies and automates the lending for you, you will learn in following report.

Interest for bitcoins & altcoins free of charge, secure.

How can a new user start using coinlend? Coinlend is a bot service which automates the process of lending cryptocurrency and us dollars to other users on exchange websites poloniex and bitfinex.

Simple with coinlend the

At coinlend the user only needs to fill out two input fields api key and api secret and save them. Com you can lend your bitcoins & altcoins to traders to receive interest.

It is possible to lend bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies at very lucrative interest rates and limited risk at exchanges like poloniex or bitfinex. How long does it take?

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For the blue whale. Coinlend will take over the rest and will start lending the user funds.

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Coinlend bot is completely automated and lending at the best interest rates 247. Investments new milestone achieved.

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Bitcoin price advances long-term. The coinlend crypto currency website features lending rates ranging from 7 to 700 per year.