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Access, success, and transparency introducing acorn.

Existing platforms are equity-backed, so they dwell on projects that give them the best return, with high barriers to entry and most of the time policies that shut out developing nations. Acorn collective vows to make accessible and democratic crowdfunding for small business.

Merging crowdfunding with blockchain technology, acorn collective helps startups meet their financing requirements in a much more simpler and easy manner. Ahead of its upcoming ico, acorn collective is integrating the bancor protocol.

Financial market mar. Acorn collective allows business minded people to find smart investors, creating vital cashflow which is crucial in the start-up stages.

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The acorn collective is using blockchain to help founders access funding.

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Crowdfunding has never been more streamlined than with blockchain technology and decentralization. How to avoid cia.

We provide crowdfunding that is accessible, transparent and more likely to succeed. After some months of informal discussion we are delighted to announce our partnership with bancor.