Dream bitcoin foundation

Crypto-currencies such as bitcoin allow us to accept donations securely and for free from anywhere in the world.

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Feature interview der gründer der dream bitcoin foundation, philip agyei-asari, verfolgt eine mutige initiative zur förderung junger unternehmer in ghana obwohl bitcoin.

Dream bitcoin foundation

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The mission of dream bitcoin foundation is to facilitate the greater usage and acceptance of cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of payment by providing an online cryptocurrency exchange platform and merchant solutions.

Dream bitcoin foundation

Dream bitcoin foundation is actively involved with using and promoting the use of crypto-currencies.

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My name is philip agyei asare from ghana, and i am the founder of dream bitcoin foundation( a non profit organization by philipo.).

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Die ghana dream bitcoin foundation, eine gemeinnützige organisation zur förderung junger unternehmer, finanziert auf indiegogo das erste regionale bitcoin-seminar in kumasi, ghana.